Academic overview

Athlone Park Primary caters for pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 7. The school is known for its excellent academic record and we are strongly committed to maintaining high standards. Small classes ensure that each pupil receives individual attention in a nurturing environment. 

Learning areas offered include Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Natural Science, Social Science, Economic and Management Sciences, Life Orientation, Technology, Computers, Arts and Culture, and Physical Education.

Whenever possible and relevant, teachers make use of the 'outdoor classroom' learning experience to work towards our Eco-goals. Our school is part of the Eco-School programme which aims promote environmental education and learning, that is curriculum linked and relevant, and that assists teachers to achieve learning outcomes.  The programme aims to stimulate environmental sensitivity and awareness, and encourage responsible environmental choices and attitudes.  Its purpose is to help schools to fulfil the mandate of incorporating environmental learning into all learning areas, across all grades, and also to help schools to organise their environmental activities meaningfully, rather than only engaging in ad hoc projects.  The programme presents opportunities for whole-school improvement, and encourages learner involvement through participating and initiating action projects that encourage experiential learning and self-discovery.

All teaching and learning takes place in English, with the obvious exceptions of Afrikaans and Zulu.

Our pupils participate in a number of Olympiads and benchmarking assessments (Cluster Tests and National papers) which enable the school managment and teachers to gauge the academic performance of Athlone Park Primary against that of similar schools in the area.